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Bronwyn Sutton

Bronwyn Sutton

Renewable World: 2 Days, 10 Wind Farms, 216 Miles



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Doing this ride last year I had the fear, the fear that I wouldn't make it. The fear made me train. The fear made me ride 206 miles, climbing 8,524 ft by late April (which felt like a lot at the time). And this year? Hey, I know I can do it - no fear! Uh oh... No fear = no training!  The three mile Brompton commute and school run won't cut it; time to crack on!

This charity, Renewable World, shows what an astonishing difference a little (renewable) energy can make, particularly to the lives of women in remote communities. Imagine spending 2.5 hours every day carrying water for your family. And the extraordinary liberty of then having clean running water brought nearby. Read Surja’s story.

I appreciate the demand for your charity dollar/pound/euro. For whatever you can spare for this cause, I am thankful. And if me being thankful (AND riding 216 miles) wasn't enough, your kind donation will be generously matched by my employer, Wood. Every penny raised will help change the lives of those living in some of the poorest communities in the world; providing a clean and sustainable source of energy to light homes, pump clean water, and power small businesses.

The route

Day 1: East Rainton to Kielder Water, total distance 111.6 miles (179.6 km), total ascent 8,138 ft. (2,480 metres)

Day 2: Kielder Water to Edinburgh, total distance 104.4 miles (167.2 km), total ascent 5,825 ft. (1,775 metres)

You can follow my training progress on Strava

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