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ODE is submitting a team to Renewable World’s annual Earth, Wind & Tyre event. It is a two day cycle event from Durham to Edinburgh, crossing a challenging 216 miles and over 14,000 feet of incline, passing by 11 wind farms en route.

Participants are:

  • Andy Baker
  • James Eddolls
  • Amir Elzoubier
  • Chris Lomax
  • Matthew Smith
  • Don Wickramasinghe

We will be raising funds to support Renewable World in providing renewable energy solutions to some of the poorest communities in the world. Simple, reliable solutions have the ability to help small developing communities; providing clean water and electricity is fundamental to their survival.

Please help us raise money by donating [] and / or sharing this post.

Your donation will make a real difference:

£10 Could give people living on the shores of Lake Victoria access to solar power for a year, giving them access to refrigeration

£25 Could provide two families in Nepal with access to solar-pumped water for a year, available from a tap stand located right outside their home.

£51 Could pay for the wiring and fittings needed for a house to receive electricity for the first time from a community owned and managed solar microgrid.

£120 Could pay for a tap stand to be installed outside 10 family homes, saving the women and girls in those families precious hours each day on water collection.

£500 Could provide one community in Nepal with agricultural training and tools, helping them increase their income by growing cash crops, and benefiting up to 500 individuals.

£921 Could buy three batteries for a solar microgrid in Kenya, helping to ensure that the electricity can be accessed day and night, even when the sun is not shining.

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